We Do Hope


We Do Hope

A podcast from Amos Trust

Hope. We all need some, but right now it can seem in short supply. 
Join us each week as journalist Jessie McDonald, and theatre-maker Tilly Reith take an entertaining, informative and sometimes irreverent look at the ‘H–Word’. With special guests from around the world, they’ll be asking — how do they ‘do’ hope, and where can we get some?

Jessie McDonald

We Do Hope podcast presenter, Jessie McDonald

Jessie is a production editor at the Guardian newspaper in the UK, working on human rights, environmental and global development stories. When she’s not polishing other people’s stories and writing headlines, she enjoys reporting herself, focusing on people creating a more socially and environmentally just world — from ocean protectors replanting coral reefs in Jamaica to a sisterhood of trafficked women singing together in London.

Jessie studied anthropology and is endlessly curious about people’s experiences and how they see the world. She’s a big fan of solo and slow travel (she lived on a houseboat for two years with her now-husband) and is happiest when walking her dog, reading and talking about books, eating well and dancing badly.

She enjoys yoga and lives in South London. You can read her work for the Guardian here and follow her on Instagram here.

Tilly Reith

We Do Hope podcast presenter, Tilly Reith

Tilly does a few things. Sometimes she directs live theatre, and sometimes it’s digital. Recently she has been making films for the Cambridge Literary Festival. She loves festivals (and has worked for a few) and has produced one-off events across the country and online. During the pandemic, she managed the launch of a 10-week e-learning course.

In a former life, Tilly has been a home organiser, worked in a hospital and made cocktails — but not in a hospital. She grew up in London and Cambridge and studied in Sheffield, where she now lives.

Tilly is happiest on a bike, wild swimming, or dancing in a crowd. She is passionate about community, the environment and pop culture. You can follow her on Instagram here.