June 4, 2022

We Do Hope with Olivia Blake MP

We Do Hope with Olivia Blake MP

Hope and activism

Olivia Blake MP:
Hope and activism

Season 1 | Episode 4
Jessie and Tilly chat with Olivia Blake MP about finding hope in politics and becoming an MP, the climate crisis, little wins, global finance — and dogs. 

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If we’re not kind to each other, what’s the point of hope?
Olivia Blake MP
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Olivia Blake is the Labour MP for Sheffield, Hallam, and has been an MP since December 2019. Until June 2022, she was Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Net-Zero. She has been a vocal advocate for robust action on the climate and nature crises through a radical Green New Deal.

She is the Chair of the All-Party Group on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and works with local and national campaigners to push for change on issues including housing, LGBTQ+ rights, refugees and asylum seekers and miscarriage support.

Olivia’s Hope In A Hurry

Hopeful Read:
Hope In The Dark by Rebecca Solnit

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Podcast: Manchester Green New Deal

Hopeful Watch:
Knock Down The House on Netflix

Hopeful Anthem:
Talkin’ Bout A Revolution — Tracy Chapman

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